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Safe Avian Boarding

Your Bird's Vacation Place

We accommodate safe boarding for your bird while you need to travel or just in need of a weekend off.

Our place for your bird's vacation is the best

  • We treat Parrots as we would your child.
  • You would not leave your child with a sitter when they will not be there, or left in a playpen all day and night.
  • We do not nor close up shop, and never leave your birds to tend to self because birds in our care are just like children; never left unattended and un-cared for.
  • We do not make use of stack cages to fit more bird and overcrowding our boarding facility.
  • We do not close shop and go home at night, we never leave your bird to tend to self. 
  • We are here in the event your bird may have night fright, suffer from separation anxiety.
  •  In case of an emergency your bird is cared for by an experience bird caretaker who can handle Avian First Aid and if necessary have your bird immediately checked by a Veterinary 24 hours a day.
  • We accommodate birds with special needs or diets and minimize the possibility of plucking behaviors, habits that may take a lifetime to correct. We interact in game playing.
  • Our place is filled with love, attention, freedom and most importantly your bird is never left unattended. Our routine is much more than fulfilling the basic needs of providing your bird with water, food and cage cleaning.
  • We specialize in attending to each of the bird habits and lifestyle with little or no disturbance to your bird's routine while you are away.
  • Our boarding is not boarding but a vacation for your bird with human interaction and with time out of the cage to play just like in your home.
  • We have the ability to dedicate one on one time with your bird.


We never over book.
We do not board more birds than we or our boarding rooms can handle.

We do not stacked cages, close up shop, and never leave your birds to tend to self because birds in our care are just like children; never left unattended and un-cared for.
To make sure your bird's stay with us is schedule please consider giving us amplified time in advance for your bird's scheduled vacation.

If your pet needs care or attention you can count on us!

Our fees are very reasonable as well. We charge $15.00 per bird per day or $100.00 per bird per week for all size birds. We suggest bringing your own food and treats along with a favorite toy your bird enjoys or we can buy from us at a minimal cost.
Boarding fees are not Tax Deductible. However, if you choose to contribute and are willing to consider making a donation to our bird sanctuary this only helps to further our work and take advantage of a Tax Deduction.

Why us for your Bird's Vacation?
So that your bird receives the attention and care it deserves.

To arrange boarding your bird please refer to the contact page for boarding application.

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