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Avian Grooming is important to the bird's health and safety. It is also important and less stressful on a bird to be groomed in a friendly atmosphere with one groomer. Birds do well when trust is learned and a groomer's job is to make sure not to frighten a bird with the provided services. 

We provide in house bird grooming as well as Consultation and grooming in the comfort of your home. Provided of course that you are within our service area.

Should you have your bird's wings clipped?
Many bird owners struggle with this question because they do not fully comprehend what might be best for their birds. Birds in the wild and many companion birds do not get their wings clipped.

  • They live in a very safe environment
  • They are able to build their chest mass with the full flapping of wings
  • They are less likely to pluck or chew feathers

Many companion birds do get their wings clipped

  • While training birds with new owners or in new environments
  • Bringing birds outdoors (Not a guarantee your bird won't fly)

Grooming nails is a must for all bird owners.
Did you know that not trimming your bird's nails can cause excessive overgrowth on feet as well as nails getting caught on toys and other items as well as their own eye lids when scratching?

Beak Trim 

While most birds will never have a need to have their beak trimmed, some birds may feel more comfortable with the benefit of a clean and groomed beak. 

  • Light filing to the point of the beak helps birds pick up their food 
  • Light filing of the beak and application of Flex oil also keeps beak from building up odor (especially for Amazons) and receive vitamins from the oil for healthy beaks
  • Some birds with overgrown beaks should be checked by an Avian Veterinary as well as getting their beak trimmed.
  • Beak trimming should only be done from experienced avian groomers to minimized pain, discomfort and bleeding

Bird Bathing

While many birds will bathe in their water dish which is much too small for them to bathe in and others may get sprayed wet we recommend a full bath. 

  • Birds love to swim or glide in water, splash and create a mess. For this reasom most owners tend to not give a bird a larger bowl to their birds to bathe in. Some bird owners do not even handle their bird none the less take the bird to the shower. Others may show sign of aggression and no owner likes the bird's beak to chop down on their hand or arms.

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