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Our online store is launching soon. Meanwhile and thereafter our site provides you with safe and secure shopping or order by phone. If you are just checking prices please contact us.

Most orders placed ship within 24 hours of being received. Local clients can pick up orders at our location in Wantage NJ.

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We protect your privacy,

Thank you for your business, support to our sanctuary with your every purchase you make and patience as we are preparing our online store.

Pretty cages are nice for the human eye.

 For the birds

It's the size that matters!


Housing for your bird is the best investment you will make.

Considering you purchase the proper housing for your bird for it should be a safe, secure and comfortable environment. This critical choice in bird cage or aviary will ensure optimum quality of life for your bird for years to come. You should consider the type of bird(s) you have, you’re budget and the area of space you have to fit the cage. Remember that the bigger the cage the better.

The bird cage you purchase should be large enough for your bird to walk around comfortably, and they should be able to fully extend and flap their wings. They need to be able to perform these activities even when all the perches and toys are inside the cage.

Cages should be placed away from windows and drafts and have room around it for your access and not crowding the bird's living space.

Choosing what is better.

Stainless steel cages are the most safe, durable choice - they are non-toxic and easy to clean.  Wooden cages can splinter, which puts the bird at risk of injury.  Metal cages are easy to disinfect, and are highly resistant to stains, rust and corrosion.  Wooden cages also tend to be painted, often with paint that will be harmful to the bird if flakes of the paint are ingested. Wooden or painted surfaces are additionally very difficult to clean thoroughly.



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