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Avian Sexing and Disease Testing

One of the most important thing you can do for your bird is to have it disease tested.

Most if not all stores and breeders do not test birds. Some will charge you for sexing your bird but the responsibility of assuring the bird you are acquiring is free of diseases becomes your responsibility unless you request the store or breeder to perform these tests prior to your taking the bird home. Likewise when you adopt a bird from an individual or avian rescue. If anyone tells you that the bird is free of diseases they should also provide you with a lab testing result. Word of mouth does not guarantee that your bird has been tested.

At Under My Wing we offer sexing and disease testing at a minimal cost, many times the cost of testing your bird is lower than an avian veterinary because we make use of labs direct. We offer these services to all bird owners within our driving distance. We also try to accommodate bird owners by visiting the bird in their home for testing when combined with grooming services. Early detection and quarantine of infectious diseases helps prevent the devastating effects that a bacterial, fungal, parasitic or viral outbreak can cause.

A 99% rates of birds that enter our sanctuary have never been tested till they arrive.

We find that most owners who have paid a vet or store to groom their bird never test their bird for diseases. Unexpected expenses as well as a look of disbelief and devastating effect to find out their bird do not have a disease but is a carrier of one. A carrier will always infect other healthy birds and this is a precaution bird owners can take before birds become ill or die. A carrier of a disease must be kept separate from living with other birds.

I had my bird for years why should I have it tested now? Because people working at or visiting most aviaries, nurseries, pet-shops, bird shows, quarantine stations, brokers, zoos, medical facilities and bird hospitals can become infected and spread disease to their home or other locations where your bird is at risk.

Our recommendation for new birds entering your home or the present bird(s) in your home is:
DNA Sexing, PBFD, Polyoma, Chlamydia, Avian Herpes (Pacheco's)

Avian Infectious Diseases






Beak and Feather (PBFD)
Pigeon Circo virus
Polyoma virus
Pacheco's (PDV)
Avian Herpes virus (AHV)
Avian Influenza virus(AIV)
West Nile virus (WNV)
Paramyxo virus (PMV)

Tuberculosis (ATB)




If you would like to schedule an appointment to have your bird tested please contact us.



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